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Help SAVE the Milltown Freight Station!




Raritan River Railroad Freight Station – Milltown, N.J.


JOIN US - Help us move and preserve the Milltown Freight Station!


A group of dedicated railfans and former employees of the Raritan River Railroad are preparing to create “The Raritan River Chapter” of the NRHS.  This group will be dedicated to preserving and documenting the rich history of the Raritan River Railroad (RRRR) which ran from South Amboy, N.J. to New Brunswick, N.J. from 1888 to 1980.


The first goal is to help move and preserve the famous Milltown Freight Station. Today there are only 2 cabooses, 1 box car, and 1 station left from the RRRR.  Join us in our efforts to preserve these and many other great artifacts. 


You can help by joining this new chapter or just getting involved with moving and preserving the Milltown Freight Station.  We will need all the help we can get.  Verbal approval has been granted by the County Freeholders to allow the station to sit on County property! 


Our first plan is to organize as a branch of the NRHS, and then follow up with an application for Non-profit 501(c)3 status with the IRS.  This will aid our efforts to allow us to collect tax-free donations!


Please contact us at for more details on how you can help preserve the Raritan River Railroad for generations to come!


Visit for more historical information on the Raritan River Railroad


Visit for discussions about the Raritan River Railroad


Contact me directly at








I grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey in the early 80’s, long after the….


Raritan River Railroad

  • Whats New













1.   South River, New Jersey

2.   World War I sabotage on the Raritan River Railroad!!!

3.   Ducks Nest Pond as an official stop 1926-1937

4.   Forgotten traces as seen in the maps from 1915-1940










  • My Favorite Pictures –   MyFavs - I have so many, I decided to create a single page for these gems! – new 9/13/05



  • Panoramic Photos






  • Maps        Maps Page – Includes two Official RRRR System maps from 1937 and 1947!






  • NRHS Pictures    NRHS Pictures - Courtesy North Jersey Chapter – 3/25/2005
    • 53 pictures discovered from the NRHS Archives and published with permission!
    • Includes some never seen before pictures of Passenger Cars, Combines, US Railway Express Cars, Cranes, Gondolas, Engines, Cabooses.
    • Of course a few new pictures from the NRHS Special of May 28, 1938!
    • My Favorite Picture from the collection – full size! (7/31/1937)




·         Pictures from Bill Burke   40 Pictures of the RRRR – 9/6/2005

    1. Fred Diebert used some of Bill’s photos when compiling “Rails up the Raritan”
    2. Published with permission by Bill himself!
    3. Includes my favorite shot, the new Parlin Station in 1917 with SIX passenger cars all ready to go!!!!!




  • Joe Basara’s Pictures Posted! – 11/5/2005 –






    • Surviving Rolling Stock – Check out the 4 remaining cars of the RRRR!
    • Box Car 100 – 9/6/2005 - The Raritan River Railroad’s original Box car number 100 – Found in Quakertown and Documented  This car is so special it requires a page all to itself.
    • Speeders!  Who would have guessed!









  • Wrecks

1.      1927-28 – Locomotive No.11

2.      1947 – Locomotive No.15



















    1. Train Chasing on the Western End of the old Raritan River Mainline – 4/2005 - a fun filled day chasing the local train as it makes its way west to the last active customer on the line -




  • Memorabilia –
    • Models – The Raritan River Railroad lives on in O – HO – and N Scale Model Trains!
      1. HO Scale – BoxCars
      2. N Scale – Box Cars
      3. O Scale – EMD Engine and Caboose





  • Books/Magazines Articles –
    •   Rails up the Raritan, Fred Deibert, Railpace Publishing, 1983
      1. Usually found on Ebay – Average Price $65!
      2. Most local libraries in Middlesex County will have a copy.
      3. Rarely shows up at Train Shows.
      4. Scanned and Posted Here







    • Trains (magazine), Raritan River Railroad (article title), By Fred Deibert (author), Page 38-43, Copyright 1944
      1. Fred Deibert’s First published article about the RRRR 39 years before Rails up the Raritan!






  • Web Sites – Other Fine Sites and Pages Dedicated to the Raritan River Railroad







  • Contact Me, Please!
    • If you have a Raritan River Story to tell, or just want chat about the old Ricky, send me an e-mail.  I would love to hear from you and post your stories. Also, if you see an error in my details, please let me know!
      2. Send me a letter at:

Thomas Reynolds

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