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Where did the other cars get dropped off?


Highview Industrial Complex


I had thought that the cars were dropped off at the EB runaround track, but we found them parked at Highview.


Apparently they switched a customer here, and left the remaining empties to be picked up later.








One new covered hopper from today was spotted in the middle of all these





The rest of the hoppers, with the box cars from before were left clogging the spur.  I guess they will just get them on there way back.





Jack and I look around and wonder if they will pick up the empties on there way back from Silverline.





After crossing Ryders Lane, here comes SA-02 with no cars from Silverline.

Will they stop and pickup the empties here in East Brunswick that they dropped off before?




No chance!  They speed up and went home!  I guess they will just pick up the empties on another day.

It was a great day for train chasing, thank you Jack for coming along, you made great company!


Till next time!


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